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A Cai-Phoenix Mistake: Substitute for the Abandoned Concubine Paid

1 year ago Bangladeshi educational institutions Asbestos   103 views

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Location: Asbestos
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Everyone looked at Xue Tian Ao in puzzlement. What on earth is Xue Tian Ao doing? Even if you don't promise to marry her, you can't let her go. It's even more difficult for her to save Dongfang Ningxin when she leaves. Xue Tianao didn't care at all. He closed his eyes and didn't look at the nun who left with the maidservant. She walked very slowly, step by step. Every step she took, she wondered if Xue Tianao would open her mouth to stop her. But she was disappointed. She went to the door, but Xue Tianao still did not open her mouth. Go This time, he really decided to go, but at that moment a black figure came out of the dark. Do you want to go? Who allowed you to go without the order of the young master? The voice in the darkness was cold, like a ghost, with a breathtaking pressure. Everyone was puzzled, who was the person who appeared inexplicably, and they all craned their necks to wait for the person in the dark to appear. Only Xue Tian Ao still sat steadily, and when the voice sounded, Xue Tian Ao smiled inaudibly at the corners of his mouth. I knew that he would come, even if he couldn't get away at this time, but for the sake of Dongfang Ningxin, he would come. "Young Lord?" Niu stopped in an instant and looked at the tall figure coming out of the dark place with a bad face. In the darkness, the ghost Cang Wu came out step by step, looking at the dangerous and dark breath of the nun seemed to be much stronger, which made people feel cold from the bottom of their hearts. Every time Gui Cangwu took a step forward, his face became ugly, and the people in the room were startled,automated warehouse systems, thinking at the same time, who was the man who suddenly appeared full of cold air? But at this time no one asked, they all understand that the man who suddenly appeared is not simple, and he seems to be the nemesis of the nun, perhaps they keep the clouds open to see the moon, the nun can not be arrogant. Gui Cangwu understood the impact of his appearance on the crowd, but he did not care at all. He came out of the darkness and went straight to the front of the nun,shuttle rack system, saying in a sarcastic tone. What's the matter? Do you want to get married? Want to get out of God's hands? Aren't you afraid of the Lord's sorrow? "Every time Gui Cangwu said a word, the girl's face froze, and it took her a long time to find her voice." Young Lord, I just want to finish the unfinished task last time and atone for my sins. The nun understood very well that the status of Gui Cangwu in the ghost clan was far from comparable to that before, and now the ghost king was injured, and the ghost clan was all decided by Gui Cangwu. Gui Cangwu smiled coldly. The laughter was full of sarcasm. Gui Cangwu looked at the nun and his voice suddenly became gentle. Nun, you changed the order of the Lord without authorization and pulled the previous task with it. How do you think Ben Shao will punish you? Gui Cangwu had a deliberative tone, but the tone was full of murderous look, which made everyone more sure that the man who suddenly appeared was a friend rather than an enemy, and that Dongfang Ningxin could be saved. The crowd looked at Xuetian Ao, and they wanted to ask if Xuetian Ao had known it for a long time, but as expected, Xuetian Ao's face did not change, and he nodded in the crowd's inquiry. When Xue Tianao knew that he was the only one who could save Dongfang Ningxin, for the sake of safety, medium duty racking ,push back racking system, Xue Tianao informed Gui Cangwu. Even though Xue eldest brother of snow day silence, just an ordinary prince of Tianyao royal family, but has a very high talent, but never thought that snow day pride will be the ancient snow people? Hearing Gui Cangwu's name for Xuetian Ao, she regretted that her intestines were blue. If she had known that Xuetian Ao's identity was so noble,industrial racking systems, she should have been fully prepared early to capture Xuetian Ao's heart. In any case, she could not let the man go, but now? Damn it.. Niu couldn't help cursing. kingmoreracking.com