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A good marriage is planted in the field of medicine Paid

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Although she didn't wake up last night, she was burning all over, and she still had some consciousness. She didn't have to think about it to know that Jing Niang had taken care of her all night without sleep. At this time, where was the extra energy to worry about other things? Thinking that he had knocked over the medicine bowl and shouted at Jing Niang before falling asleep, Du Xiaoyu felt guilty and said, "You had a bad mood last night. Don't take it to heart." Jing Niang showed a warm smile on her face. "The maidservant understands the girl's temper. It can make you angry like that. I think it's something that happened. As long as it can make the girl calm down, it's nothing to shout at the maidservant." Du Xiaoyu pulled the corners of his mouth, "When I'm well, I'll take you to the county town to buy something good as compensation." Jing Niang thanked her with a smile and turned out a new mattress and quilt from the wooden cabinet. "The girl is sick. The doctor told her to change the mattress and quilt as frequently as possible. The maidservant will change it for the girl." Jing Niang moved the charcoal basin over, helped Du Xiaoyu up and sat on a soft chair for the time being, and covered her legs with a blanket. Then she went to change the mattress. When she lifted the quilt, she saw a touch of red blood on the mattress. Jing Niang stayed for a while, almost unable to react. The girl is seriously ill, even if Wang Ye again absurd, also won't do that kind of thing to come, that can only have a kind of explanation. Jing Niang turned and looked at Du Xiaoyu. Du Xiaoyu was frightened by her. "What's wrong?" "The girl just said her stomach was stuffy. Is it still stuffy now?" Jing Niang asked. Du Xiaoyu felt it carefully and nodded, "it's still a little uncomfortable." Jing Niang opened her brows and said, "The girl came to Guishui. No wonder she got very angry last night. The girl is menarche. I don't know. Many girls will have great emotional ups and downs when they encounter this kind of thing. They are either irritable or depressed. Don't be afraid, girl. There is a new moon belt in the maid's room. I'll get it for you." Du Xiaoyu stared at her, "Guishui?" "Yes." Jing Niang explained patiently, "Coming to Guishui means that the girl has grown up." Du Xiaoyu, of course, knows what Guishui is,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, but through so long, because the original owner is too young and too thin, she seems to have forgotten that women still have a month. Now it seems that his sudden anger last night can also be explained. Thinking that because of his emotional instability, Ah Fu's brother also suffered, Du Xiaoyu felt very sorry, "Jing Niang, if you see Ah Fu's brother later, please help me tell him that I didn't mean it, and when I get better,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, I will compensate him." Jing Niangxin said that it was too late for Wang Ye to compensate the girl. How could you compensate him? "Well, the maidservant will tell the son-in-law." After changing the quilt and mattress, Jing Niang quickly took it out, quickly brought it back, changed a set of clean clothes for Du Xiaoyu, used the moon belt, and then helped her lie down. Febrile illness plus the month, how not to feel good, fortunately Jing Niang usually nursed her carefully, and there is no palace cold, so the lower abdomen is just a little stuffy, did not feel pain, but Du Xiaoyu is still tossing and turning uncomfortable. After Mao Shi, the person who came to take care of her was replaced by Mammy Lin, who probably learned from Jing Niang that she had come to Guishui, so she cooked red dates, 304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel ,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, longans and black rice porridge in advance, which had the effect of enriching the blood.Oh, what nonsense you are talking about!" Hu Shi is not happy, "is it good to be sick?" Du Xiaoyu stuck out his tongue mischievously, "I'm kidding!" "All right,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, mother, let's go out first. I'm afraid my sister is sleepy. Let her have a rest." Lian Shi knew that sick people were most afraid of making noise, so he stood up first and pulled Hu Shi to go out. sxthsteel.com