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Anger breaks the universe Paid

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"Does he have anything else?" Looking at Ou Chen's confident face, the old man in purple suddenly remembered the artifact from the young man, the pressure brought by the artifact. And the soul that comes out of the body of a teenager. The terrible strength of the soul. Those are all things that can make the old man in purple robe forget and stop. At this moment, the old man in purple robe also knew very well that the artifact red blood sword had lost its power and the soul had gone up in smoke. However, why can this teenager be so calm, even if he wants to explode his vitality, he should also have a sense of tension. "Maybe he's just holding on." After a moment of stalemate, the old man in purple robe also thought about it. After thinking about it, the shaking corners of the mouth finally emerged with a sly smile, and the senran in the eyes was released again. Because, he not only thought of the amazing battle just now, he also knew clearly that the teenager in front of him, once there were other treasures, it must have been taken out long ago. There is no need for so much nonsense! More wonderful, more good books, all in the wonderful book network-http://Www.Qisuu.Com. Chapter 258 give it a try. Update time: 2012 101821:55:05 Number of words in this chapter: 4735 Chapter 258 give it a try. The strong wind also began to burst out at this moment, and the old man in purple robe, after thinking about it in his heart, also showed a sly smile at the corners of his mouth, and the short and quiet purple element also began to shake at this moment. In that case,indoor endless pool, I really want to. Have a try! That is, when these purple elements shake up, the eyes of the old man in purple robe stay on Ou Chen's calm body, at this time there is no suspicion and curiosity, there is only provocation. Smell speech, Ou Chen's body is also slightly stunned, he subconsciously looked at him in the depths of the jungle, there,hot tub manufacturers, the green eyes are still watching here. This proves that those strange beasts have not left. In this case, since the old man in purple robe dares to say such a thing, it can only prove that the old man in purple robe has the confidence to get away with it. Maybe. He really knows the secret method! After looking away from the green-eyed wolf's body, Ou Chen felt the strong wind rising from the ground, felt the pressure from the purple element, and his inner sigh, on his face, still showed a little. Xiong Ying also felt the pressure of this overbearing element, his originally shocked eyes, at this time is also a little more worried. Under such an oppressive atmosphere, he was wrapped up in the pressure of the overbearing element, which made him even breathe in a hurry. Has been and small, white swordsman and others are not familiar with the wind, but also at this moment subconsciously moved the hand of the white swordsman. Feeling this gradually tense atmosphere, whirlpool hot tub ,4 person jacuzzi, his heart is also worried. And deliberately moved the hand of the white swordsman, as if waiting for the white swordsman's answer, in this critical situation, he did not know what to do. he body of the old man in purple robe floated slowly on the ground as the strong wind rose from the ground. And around Ou Chen's body, there was also a light green protective circle. Outside the protective circle, a thick water system element formed a handful of ice arrows. Outside the protective circle, they were ready to go at any time. Boom! A muffled sound, which was not violent,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, rang out in the midst of the depression. The first attack was not Ou Chen, nor the snow mastiff, Feng Ming. It's the little one that doesn't seem to be able to withstand the wind. monalisa.com