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Application Status of Titanium Alloy Armor _ Main Battle Tank Paid

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Original Title: Application Status of Titanium Alloy Armor Application Status of Titanium Alloy Armor At present, the application of titanium alloy materials in land-based armored equipment in the US Army is relatively mature. The U.S. Army has successively realized the large-scale application of titanium alloy in the modified M1 "Abrams" main battle tank,Titanium 6Al4V wire, M2 "Bradley" infantry fighting vehicle and "Stryker" wheeled armored vehicle, and achieved obvious weight reduction and protection effect. For the main battle tank,titanium tubing price, the U.S. Army has launched two stages of upgrading and transformation of the M1A2 main battle tank. The first phase, completed in the 1990s, ti6al4v ,titanium filler rod, achieved a weight reduction of 420 kg by using titanium alloy to replace steel structures such as the top protective cover, the engine cover, the sight and the positioning system shield. The second phase, completed in the early 21st century, achieved good weight reduction by replacing the steel turret with a welded turret made of Ti6Al4V alloy. Application of Armor Titanium Alloy in M1A2 Main Battle Tank System For armored vehicles, the US Army used Ti6Al4V alloy to manufacture the command hatch cover of the M2 "Bradley" infantry fighting vehicle, which achieved good weight reduction effect, and also used Ti6Al4V alloy to manufacture the protective forging ring of the "Stryker" wheeled armored vehicle. M2 "Bradley" infantry fighting vehicle command hatch and "Stryker" wheeled armored vehicle protective forging ring made of Ti6Al4V alloy Expand the full text In addition, BAE System and GE each launched their own prototypes of armor and key structural components based on low-cost titanium alloy materials. Figure a below shows BAE System's hybrid wheeled electric armored prototype "Pegasus", whose head and body frame are welded with low-cost titanium alloy; Figure B below shows GE's High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Armored Vehicle (High mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle) prototype body,titanium tubing price, which is welded from low-cost ATI 425 titanium alloy. Prototype vehicle body developed by American Military Industrial Group Russia has also made remarkable achievements in the application of armored titanium alloy. The T-90a main battle tank turret adopts titanium alloy frame and "bowl-shaped" bottomless metal structure, which improves the frontal protection capability of the turret to 1300 mm RHA. The front of the T-95 main battle tank turret is equipped with a new high-toughness all-titanium alloy modular armor structure unit, which improves the protection capability to 1500 mm RHA. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. yunchtitanium.com