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Blame you for being too beautiful. Paid

1 year ago Bangladeshi educational institutions Saguenay   90 views

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Location: Saguenay
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Yu Lei says to Mo Fei again: "He teacher says you are very pleasing, always somebody sends snack to eat to you." Mofei said in annoyance, "It's her daughter, He Jingjing, who always follows me and begs for food from her grandmother, so she takes me as her head." Mo Xiangwan locked his eyebrows and said, "Little boy, don't always say'punch head 'or'punch head'!" Mo Fei went to Mo Xiangwan and said, "There was a grandmother who came to the Children's Palace to wait for his grandson to finish class. It was the one I met last time. I said a few words to the grandmother. He Jingjing said she wanted to eat this and that. Grandma bought it for us.". Mom,Cantilever Storage rack, I didn't ask for anything! Then he spread out his hands to show his innocence. Mo Bei listens, ask: "Did you thank grandma?" Mofei immediately said, "Thank you, thank you!" Then he said to Mo Xiangwan, "Mom, maybe I can buy something for that grandma with my pocket money next time. We can't take advantage of others in vain, can we?" Mo Xiangwan nodded and said,Warehouse storage racks, "That's the right thing to do.". That grandma is good to you, and you can't always eat what others buy, can you? The next time you meet an old woman, you should thank her well, but you should decline her politely. Mofei asked, "What do you mean by'politely declined '?" Mo Xiangwan made a little more explanation, Mo Bei just listened, and did not interrupt. After sending the child to school, Mo Bei opened his mouth: "Others may be well-intentioned, and you don't have to be too nervous." Mo Xiangwan said: "If it is a good intention, it is even more embarrassing.". It is not a good thing to let children know how to eat free food for no reason. "If-" she said after a pause, "strangers don't understand." Mo Bei smiles: "You are too cautious." But Mo Xiangwan murmured in the abdomen, is this kind of familiar temperament good, but after all, Narrow aisle rack ,long span shelving, the child is small, it is not a good thing to be defenseless to strangers. But in the past, Mo Fei was not like this. Although he was friendly, he still had the sensitivity and caution of a child from a single-parent family. Everything that Mo Bei has inherited may not be good. Mo Xiangwan looked at the people around him, and Mo Bei happened to be looking at him. As soon as their eyes touched, it was Mo Xiangwan who had to dodge first. She clearly heard him give a muffled laugh, and in a moment of confusion, she managed to calm down and realize that they had already passed the subway entrance.  He made her heart so confused and said such a thing. Mo Xiangwan retorted, "Of course, so do you." "But in the car this is in high spirits Chaikov so answer her:" Afraid I am no good, I examine myself three times a day, it must be I did not do well. Mo Xiangwan in the face of such Mo Bei,heavy duty warehouse rack, soft and hard can not be applied, had to say a hard board: "Thank you, goodbye." Let's go. omracking.com