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China Feeders manufacturers Principle of XCBW Apron Feeder Conveyo High-strength forged bulldozer chain with a pitch of 228.6 mm (9 inches) is used as the pulling part. Two chains are connected to a closed circuit by a pair of driving sprockets installed at the head of the body and a pair of tensioning wheels at the tail of the body. Each link of the two rows of chains is equipped with overlapping, heavy-duty conveyor chutes to form a continuous conveying line capable of carrying materials.Its self-weight and the weight of materials are supported by multiple rows of supporting wheels, chain pallets and slide beams installed on the machine body. The transmission system is connected to the reducer by the AC frequency-controlled motor, and then driven by the rising sleeve and the driving device directly connected to the low-speed operation of the transporting mechanism. Three special load-bearing plates are a group, with excellent load-bearing effect and no material jamming. The material discharged from the tail bin is transported along the conveying line to the front of the machine body and discharged to achieve the purpose of continuous and even feeding to the working machinery below. Application of XCBW Apron Feeder Conveyor XCBW Apron Feeder Conveyor is a kind of continuous transportation machinery widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, ports, coal and chemical industry and mining enterprises. It is mainly used for continuous and uniform supply and transfer of various large heavy and abrasive bulk materials from storage silo or transfer hopper to crusher, batching device or transportation equipment. Apron feeder conveyor is one of the important and essential equipment in the process of ore and raw material processing and continuous production. Features and Advantages of XCBW Apron Feeder Conveyor 1.Can be flexibly installed with a maximum tilt of 25掳. 2.Lower ambient temperature and higher dust. 3.Easy to disassemble and install, easy to maintain. 4.Tensioning device cushioning design, reduce equipment vibration shock, extend the service life of equipment. 5.XCBW Apron Feeder Conveyor feeds evenly and accurately. The feeding speed can be pre-set before leaving the factory to ensure maximum efficiency in subsequent operations. 6.XCBW Apron Feeder Conveyor stable operation when the external load is basically stable and the impact is less. 7.There is no excessive restriction on materials, irregular materials with sharp edges, materials with strong abrasion, etc. can be conveyed. The chain width, chain length, maximum feed side length, production capacity, chain speed, power, weight and other data of our heavy plate feeder vary according to the model, as shown in the following parameter table. China Feeders manufacturers website:http://www.beno-eceps.com/feeders/