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Cloud sideburns and phoenix hairpin + Fanwai Unpaid

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The day before yesterday, Gu Xuan desperately went to send a letter to ask for help, knowing that the big girl was hiding from her parents. Although he wished he would not go back to find Du Ruoqiu, he was afraid that she would be blamed, so he hurried back. Ruan Hongtian saw that he was no longer making trouble, and in his heart he really felt a little sorry for Du Ruoqiu, so he did not lock him up again, but only asked people to pay attention to him. Now I'm afraid I'm looking forward to the news every day. The spring kite answered, and the master and servant were already back in the yard. When Mingyu went out, he did not take anyone else with him. He only got into the carriage with the spring kite and went out from the side door. Liu Xiangyang drove the car in person. He had already asked from Gu Xuan where Xie Gongzi lived in the western suburbs. He threw off the whip and went straight to the horse. Sitting in the carriage, Mingyu gradually lost the sound of the hustle and bustle of the busy city. Hearing the sound of a few oars across the water, he slightly opened the window curtain and looked out. He saw his carriage walking on a yellow mud road, with the Rainbow River flowing slowly eastward on one side and the watery paddy fields on the other. In the distance, a few egrets were gliding in the fields. It is the spring sowing season, and farmers and peasant women can be seen everywhere bending down to transplant rice seedlings with their trouser legs rolled up. I came out this time because I really wanted to see Du Ruoqiu and ask him clearly. Xie Zuiqiao's letter was only a few words, saying only that she had a near miss and nothing else. She didn't quite believe it. The girl's family was so abducted for two nights, how could it be "no danger"? I'm afraid that Xie Zuiqiao is talking nonsense to make her feel at ease. No matter good or bad, do not see her to see after all, a heart is eventually unable to put down. Second, I really want to express my gratitude to the son of the general's office. The last time the jade lock had already helped her a lot, and this time it was even worse. I'm afraid he had offended the three princes for this. Such a high feeling,interactive panel board, if you do not personally thank, it is not justified. Although the act of going to see a man without telling an adult was somewhat absurd, since he had already delivered the letter in private the previous time, this time if he said that he was rigid because of the etiquette and law, it would seem that he had burned the bridge and acted affectedly, so he simply went over to thank him in person to show his sincerity. The carriage jolted and heard the rumbling sound of the wheels rolling over the bluestone slabs. Then there was the sound of water. I thought I had crossed a bridge. In a moment, the carriage stopped slowly. I heard the voice of Liu Xiangyang in front of me: "Girl, here we are." Mingyu was helped out of the carriage by the spring kite. He looked up and saw a garden at the end of a bluestone road dozens of paces away. When he got closer,smart board for conference room, he looked up and saw the two sons of "Yuyuan" protruding on the lintel. Suddenly, a strange feeling passed through his heart. The Spring Kite also saw it and said with a low laugh, "It's a coincidence that the name of this garden is the same as the name of the girl." "Jin Yu Meiyu, there are many places in the world where this word is used. Where does it come from?" Mingyu took his time. The spring kite stuck out his tongue and stopped talking. When he got to the gate, he saw that the garden gate was closed, so he grabbed the animal's head and knocked a few times. Moments later, the door opened and an old woman poked her head out. "Mother," she said, "I've come to visit the master here. Is he here? My surname is Ruan. The old woman, surnamed Ding, was from a nearby village. Her son had died, and her daughter-in-law had remarried, leaving only her granddaughter, who was 18 years old. Seeing that the garden, smartboard for business ,interactive whiteboard for schools, which had been uninhabited for a long time, had changed its owner and people had moved in, he came over to ask for a job of sweeping and cooking, so that he could get some money to supplement his family. Xie Zuiqiao took pity on her for making a living, so he hired her. Last night, he ordered people to ambush outside several side doors of Yiyuan in advance. When the fragrant car came out, he followed it in the dark, set fire to it again, and robbed Du Ruoqiu in the chaos. Xie Zuiqiao suddenly felt a heartbeat at this moment, hesitated, and stopped on the corridor a dozen steps away from her. Mingyu took a few steps toward him,smart board whiteboard, waiting to get closer and be polite. Xie Zuiqiao saw that the golden petal on her temples slipped quietly with her head down, fell to one side of her shoulder, and fell to the ground again. hsdsmartboard.com