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Dream of the world Paid

1 year ago Bangladeshi educational institutions Saguenay   205 views

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Location: Saguenay
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After all, his life was still hanging by a thread, so he had to press the dragon ring at the bottom of the yellow silk, leaving a clear mark. Li Chen said with a smile, "Well, Lord Chang, please come and help me help Wang Ye up. As long as Wang Ye sends us out of the palace, there will be nothing unintentional between you." Chang Xiao didn't understand what medicine Li Chen was selling in the gourd, but it was still important to get away at the moment. Under the gaze of Jie Lao, he walked slowly to the Prince of Zhao. Although the soft sword in his hand was put down, everyone knew that it was easier to take the life of the Prince of Zhao than the steel thorn in Li Chen's hand. Li Chen quickly put the piece of yellow silk in his arms, stood up with the Prince of Zhao, and often laughed left and right, holding the Prince of Zhao to step forward. On the way out of the mansion, the palace was already full of guards, steel knives and spears, crossbows and arrows. It was really exciting all the way. Chang Xiao and Li Chen looked calm,Oil Dropper Bottle, but they were all in a cold sweat on their backs. At this time, if there was any mistake, they would die. Fortunately, the palace guards well-trained, prince of Zhao also seems to be very satisfied with this solution, three people narrowly arrived at the palace before the gate, I saw dozens of palace guards and nearly a hundred royal guards are tense confrontation, the royal guards are often smile reserved to meet his men, for a long time can't get the news of often smile,Blue Bottle Serum, already can't help but rush directly into the palace, and around the palace, This kind of scene is also very much, Chang Xiao for this action, mobilized almost all the Royal Guards and the Ministry of Punishment of the master, but now the outcome, but it is difficult to let him satisfied. Seeing Chang Xiao and them coming out, the palace guards slowly dodged a passage and waited for Li Chen to come to the street. Old Jie, who had been following closely behind, said in a cold voice, "Well, Wang Ye has done what he promised you. Hurry up and let Wang Ye go, or we can only meet each other with swords." In this kind of environment in full view of the public, often laugh also not afraid of prince of Zhao, anyway, two people are court officials, it seems that the next, Glass Cream Jars ,30ml Dropper Bottle, will see the struggle in the court. Motioning for Li Chen to leave, he slowly stepped back into the group of his men and said, "Wang Ye, what happened today is all in Wang Ye's mind. He smiled and said, "Lord Chang, didn't you also act according to our agreement?" "I sent more than thirty Royal Guards to help you,Glass Cosmestic Containers, but also at the expense of self-abasement status, makeup water Linger to go with you, is it just to play with you?" There was a sharp flash in Chang Xiao's eyes. penghuangbottle.com