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Learn the truth about industrial hemp extract cannabidiol CBD _ Treatment Paid

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 Reduce dependence on alcohol and nicotine It is very helpful to prevent liver cancer and cirrhosis, and is very suitable for people who drink and smoke for a long time. 5. Neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (NHIE) In 2015, GW Pharmaceuticals developed an intravenous injection using CBD, which has been granted OrphanDrug Designation by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (NHIE). 6. CBD oil can also be used in skin care products and health care products. The role of CBD oil in the field of skin care can be said to be very versatile, from the basic control of water and oil balance,rotary vacuum evaporator, to anti-inflammatory sterilization, against acne, to relieve dermatitis, to relieve muscles, promote sleep, all kinds of problems faced by the skin. Basic information Chinese name: cannabidiol Chinese alias: polyphenol resin CAS No.: 13956 -29-1 Expand the full text English name: Cannabidiol Molecular formula: C21H30O2 Molecular weight: 314. 46200 Structural formula: Physical and chemical properties Appearance and properties: white or off-white to light yellow crystalline powder Density: 1.025 G/cm3 Melting point: 66-67 ° (almost insoluble in water or 10% sodium hydroxide solution, very soluble in ethanol and methanol) Boiling point: 463.9º Cat760mmHg Flash point: 206.3ºC Refractive index: 1.545 Vapor pressure: 3.14 E-09 mmHg at 25 ° C Storage conditions: 2-8 , low temperature, ventilated and dry, stored separately from food raw materials Packing: Use medicinal low-density polyethylene bags as inner packing, polyester/aluminum/polyethylene medicinal composite bags as outer packing, and cartons or cardboard barrels for transport packing Product expiration date: about 2 years Security information RT ECS No.: VH1600000 Dangerous goods mark: F, T Hazard Code: R11 Dangerous goods transport number: UN1230 3 WGKGermany1 The preparation method At present, there are two methods to prepare cannabidiol in industry: plant extraction and chemical synthesis. At present, the main purification method of cannabidiol is resin adsorption. 1. Plant extraction method Up to now, the raw material of cannabidiol in China comes from industrial hemp with tetrahydrocannabinol content less than three thousandths, and the product properties include crystal, hemp extraction centrifuge ,molecular distillation systems, paste and oil. To extract and purify cannabidiol from industrial hemp, there are currently three related patent documents, as shown in Table the domestic manufacturers of Procannabidiol include Yunnan Mabaosu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Special Pharmaceutical Technology Co.,50l rotovap, Ltd. Among them, Hansu Biology uses alcohol-soluble fluid crystallization technology to extract and separate cannabidiol CBD (known as DM CBD in China) from industrial hemp. The CBD cannabinoid extraction process patent has been authorized by the United States, which has won the international patent for cannabinoid medicinal extraction for China. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. toptiontech.com