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Mortal Cultivation of Immortals and Immortal Realm Chapter Paid

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As his movements changed, all the beans hanging on the golden thunder tree began to tremble slightly, and a little black light began to appear around the thunder and lightning lines on it, and the inscription officially began. Outside the law array, Han Li's hands waved very fast, dazzling, while on the beans inside the law array, the black lines that gradually appeared were extremely slow, like a snail crawling, accumulating little by little. The inscription of runes is the most mind-consuming. If you are an ordinary monk in the true fairyland, most of you will inscribe all the beans in batches to reduce the loss caused by the inscription. Although this practice is also possible, it has some disadvantages. Because not all beans are successfully refined in the same batch, except for a batch of beans refined at the same time as the mother beans, the connection between the rest of the beans and the mother beans will be much weaker. This will not have much impact in peacetime, and even the use of combat and so on will not have any danger, but if like the yellow turban bean soldiers used to arrange the law array, it will show a difference, the reaction of those bean soldiers will be a little slower. Han Li's divine consciousness is far stronger than that of ordinary people, so he did not divide these beans, but chose to engrave them all at one time. Time passed little by little, and soon a month passed. Han Li put his heart and soul into it,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, and kept engrossing it all the time, unaware of it. His hands came from both sides and closed in the middle of his body, and the Lei Kui pattern on all the beans in the array immediately completed the last point of the inscription, sending out a striking black light. Han Li said, the blue light in his eyes slowly faded, revealing a touch of tired color, but the corners of his mouth hung with a smile. The light of the law array in the chamber of secrets gradually dimmed, and all the golden arcs began to gather and condense towards the two mother beans,Kamado bbq grill, and the curtain of thunder and lightning shrouded outside disappeared. When all the thunder and lightning gathered, the golden thunder tree disappeared, and all the beans slowly fell and flew back to the golden platform. Han Li took down the yellow gourd from his waist, raised his hand and patted the bottom. The mouth of the gourd immediately lit up a yellow light, and a force of attraction came from it, absorbing all the beans. The two mother beans, he did not put into the gourd, but into the bosom. Then he exhaled a long breath, took out a blue elixir, swallowed it, closed his eyes and breathed. The next day. Somewhere in the snow valley in the territory of Cabernet Sauvignon, a blue light fell from the sky, and Han Li's figure appeared out of thin air. As soon as his eyes swept the valley, he found a relatively open flat area and flew over. After falling to the ground, 10g Ozone Generator ,ceramic bobbin heater core, he reached out his hand and took off the gourd from his waist. e Crab Taoist looked up at Han Li and asked. It's nothing. It's just that a few days ago I got a set of law arrays from other places that can make bean soldiers compatible with puppets. I want to discuss one or two with you. Han Li said so. Does Han Daoyou want to use the bean soldier to fuse with the fairy puppet? With all due respect,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, this method is not applicable to the fairy puppet who lacks the core. "When the Crab Taoist heard this, he shook his head." Crab Taoist friends are not in a hurry to close the coffin, and first look at this mother bean how? Han Li smiled and said. global-ceramics.com