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Regain the light Paid

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Chapter 24 of the main text Dear Benben Lusaka listened to the price reported by Su and looked straight at it. "No wonder you always design colorful clothes. It turns out to be a profiteering industry." "Yes, yes, are you interested?" "What about their family affairs?" "How long does it take to do housework?"? Knitting can still be done at home, and there is no need to work elsewhere. Song Cangzi was puzzled. Lusaka rolled his eyes when he heard this. "It's the words of a person who has never given birth to a child. The cubs are very naughty. It's busy enough to take care of them." "Ah, if you are old enough, you can send them to school." Song Cangzi immediately put forward a plan. Magic schools are too expensive, and they don't recruit dwarves. Lusaka also knows that the school is very good, but it is not practical. I mean, in a dungeon as big as yours, don't you have a school run by dwarves for dwarves? Song Cangzi was puzzled. Dwarves run schools? School for the dwarves? The eyes of those who heard it lit up. You can find a dwarf who can read to teach the dwarfs how to read and learn the history of the outside world, so that you can go out and not be bullied all the time. "No, we dwarves are rarely literate. Literate people are usually high officials in the city. They have to be of great use. We can only read drawings." "Then you can pay a lot of money to recruit human teachers. Besides reading, you can also teach some standard drawing methods of drawings." "I have a suitable candidate," Lusaka said, staring at Sue with sparkling eyes. I can't. "Song Cangzi shook her head." I have to go to Saint Laurent in two days. I'm still a student myself. " Looking at the dim eyes of the dwarves, she immediately added, "You can ask Mora to help you find someone." "No human is willing to come to the underground city. It's not suitable for people to live here for a long time because there's no sun here." "Ah, the man who brought me in the other day, can he read?" "He can read." Lusaka's eyes lit up. The dwarves didn't think much of him because he was a hybrid, so he was the only one who could read but didn't take on important responsibilities. You can ask him to be a teacher. If you are free,Rotating sludge scraper, you can let him learn more things that are conducive to the development of dwarves. When he comes back, he will teach you. When his students graduate, there will be enough teachers. Let dwarves teach dwarves by themselves. This is a good way. I can provide enough pens, paper and books. "How dare you accept such an expensive thing as a pen and paper?" Lusaka quickly refused, "You have such a good way, we thank you too late." "It's all right. I have a lot of books. Song Cangzi took out a lot from the dimensional bag." But these are too difficult. You can't use them for the time being. But I'll leave some for those of you who can read. As for pens and paper, I don't have to send them. As long as the women in your family are willing to weave more carpets, the money will come soon. You can buy it yourself. " "Yes." Lusaka smiled with arched eyes. "In the future, our cubs will be able to read like the great nobles." Everyone is happy and feels that life has something to look forward to. This time, the team sending Song Cangzi to the intersection was particularly large, and there were excited women pulling their sons and daughters to see her off. Song Cangzi felt a great sense of achievement, filter nozzle ,rapid sand filters, as Lusaka said, what's the point of just making some colorful clothes that only a few people can afford to wear? After going out, Song Cangzi got into the carriage and decided to see the progress of his house.  She had seen the outstanding speed of dwarf women, her drawings were given yesterday, and today many dwarves went down the mine in their overalls. khnwatertreatment.com