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Rich and powerful family game I: hold the wrong cold big president Unpaid

1 year ago Bangladeshi Print and Electronics Media Banbury-Don Mills   231 views
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Lin Yuxuan stood there, watching the white shadow in front of him busy on Zixuan, busy stopping bleeding, busy infusion, busy receiving oxygen, busy on the ventilator. The person in front of him turned around, just like the picture in the movie, but no longer clear, more and more blurred, more and more blurred. After two hours of rescue, he finally pulled Zixuan back from the death line. But she closed her eyes for a long time and did not open them until the next day. But the corner of the eye clearly shed clear tears. Does she want to escape from the world and not want to see everyone? Blue sat on the edge of the bed and looked at her. So quiet. Zixuan just lay there quietly, without a trace of life. She would rather she had thrown everything on the table, as she had done before, to prevent her from entering her room. However, she suddenly seemed to give up everything, suddenly she was tired of everything. She doesn't want to open her eyes anymore. Blue's eyes are foggy again. How did it come to this? "Do you know?" Zixuan's voice was hoarse and slight, as if floating from the distant sky, "I really hate you." She still closed her eyes, pale face,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, pale lips, crystal tears. Blue looked at her and tears ran down her face. Without you, Yuxuan, would you look at me. Would he have fallen in love with me without you. But However, because of your appearance, his heart, eyes can only accommodate you a person,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, never the existence of others. He even.. And hit me for you. He never hit me.. Although I am not my father and mother's own, they treat me like their own daughter, and no one has ever hit me. But Yuxuan. The one I love the most.. To beat me for you. I can't stand it, I can't accept it. I want to stay with him. I tried to take him, but what did he say.. Zixuan's tears surged out and soaked his hair. "Blue tears also drop by drop, she did not speak, she could not say a word." He actually said.. You're his wife. Always have been. In the future, it is impossible to change. Blue, do you know how shocked and desperate I am when I hear this sentence? Zixuan finally opened his eyes and looked at her with misty tears, "I lost a leg, but I still couldn't get my love back.." Her voice rose as her spirits rose again, but the husky voice sounded terrible in the darkening ward. Lan Xin. How could you do this to me? I am also, I also have a heart. I lost my leg, ultrasonic cutting machine ,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, I lost my wonderful life.. Lan Xin, how do you face me. She suddenly opened her eyes wide and looked at her viciously. The doctor on duty heard the cry in the ward and rushed over.  You won't abandon me again, you said. "But do you know." She pushed him away and cried at him, "Your words almost made Zixuan lose his life." How can you be so selfish,ultrasonic extraction cbd, how can we be so selfish, Yuxuan. How do you want me to face Zixuan again. Lin Yuxuan was stunned. Because of his words, almost killed Zixuan? How is that possible? He shook his head slowly. He couldn't believe it. fycgsonic.com