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See gangsters again Paid

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It is here that Xueqin, Duanmu Qingyun, Huangfujing and Shi Tianpeng, the four sons of Wulin, who are famous in Jianghu and the four great families in the south of the Yangtze River. At the head of the four of them, the man sitting there turned out to be a little boy who was only twelve or thirteen years old, with beautiful features, red lips and white teeth, and a dignified expression, which made people feel quite good at first sight. Bai Ji and Sang Jun have no two people, is a point to play horizontal to sit. The four princes of Wulin stood up together and handed their hands to the small hoodlums and others who entered the door. Huaiyang Wuhua was still wearing the white clothes he used to wear. He opened his mouth gently and said with a smile, "I haven't seen you for a long time. Recently, I heard a rumor in Jianghu that the Madman Gang came back again. They killed the 40-ring horse outside the pass and helped Huashan to fight against the Tianshen Sect after the pass, so that it was saved from danger.". Fu also gave full support to Jiangbei Tiexue Hall to defeat the invading enemy, and launched two unprecedented alliances, which contributed to the formation of Jiangbei Shuangtang Alliance. Such a great event has caused a sensation in Wulin. It is really fascinating and admirable. Duanmu Qingyun also looked pleased and said, "a few days ago, we traveled northward from the south of the Yangtze River, passing through Anhui Province and near Tiantai Mountain. We heard that the leader of the small gang set off fireworks in Macheng. It was a spectacle. All the residents within a hundred miles rushed to join in the grand gathering.". We know very well that if we hold a grand meeting for the leader of the small gang, it is absolutely unusual,garden jacuzzi tub, so we go to the city and prepare to have fun with you. Hearing this, the gangster shook his head and said laughably, "Oh, boys, it's rare that we haven't seen each other for so many years.". You haven't forgotten. What this gang leader loves to hear most is the news that he is in the limelight. I'm so happy to hear your words, ha ha ha. Said, the hoodlum looked up to the sky and laughed three times, learning enough to Cao Cao's appearance on the stage. His virtue could not help but make the four sons of Wulin and others stunned and confused. Ignore him. "This gangster's nerves are a little short-circuited recently,whirlpool hot tub, and he always goes crazy regularly," said the knife. Then he stretched out his hand as if nothing had happened and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, there's no need to be polite. Please sit down." The four childe looked at each other with a smile and were about to take their seats. In the hall, people were swaying and there was chaos. Whose nerve is short-circuited? Laughing and scolding, the gangster raised his foot and kicked the knife. The knife had already seen the opportunity to dodge, and quickly moved his buttocks to the nearest chair. However, faster than him, it was Ding Zai who made a surprise attack on the way and sat in the chair first. "Hey, I got it first," the young master of the empty door shouted maliciously. According to the practice of the Madman Gang, when a large group of pigs want to kick people's buttocks, unless the other party's buttocks are not free, they are already in the chair, outdoor hot tub ,jacuzzi suppliers, otherwise, most of the people who are kicked can not escape this disaster.  The little boy looked at the gangster suspiciously, obviously not trusting him. "You haven't told me who you are yet,5 person hot tub," he said with a smile? What's the name? What kind of relationship do you have with these dudes? The little boy suddenly giggled and said, "I won't tell you. Guess for yourself." His big round black eyes blinked and blinked coolly, showing an innocent but quaint intelligence. monalisa.com