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Silicone Oil suppliers Paid

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Silicone Oil suppliers Product Description This Silicone Emulsion is a 60% active emulsion that is comprised of 350CST Polydimethylsiloxane (CAS No. 63148-62-9). The fluid is a non-flammable, non-toxic Silicone Emulsion that is safe to use in an open environment. To dilute, simply add tap water.Here are some technical datas below. AppearanceWhite milky liquid Emulsifier typeNon-ion and anion Solid content,%60% Viscosity of Silicone350cst Specific Gravity0.98 PH6-8 Thinnerswater SuperiorsUniform particle size distribution(about 80-800d.nm) strong stability Features: Ready to use non-ionic emulsion Provides gloss and water repellency General purpose release agent Imparts softening and lubrication to textiles Does not contain alkylphenolethoxylates (APEO) Excellent emulsion stability up to 50掳C Excellent dilution stability up to 2% in water Compliant with Cleaner Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004 Good freeze thaw stability (5 cycles) Application: Used as an insulating medium.It is widely used in motors, electrical appliances, and electronic instruments that is temperature-resistant, arc-resistant, corona-resistant, corrosion-resistant, moisture-proof, and dust-proof. At present, it is also used as transformer and capacitor oil to reduce the size of the transformer, increase the power, improve safety and pollution-free. Used as anti-vibration and anti-damping oil. It is widely used in instruments, buffer dampers, shock buffers, torsional vibration shock absorbers in automobile internal machines, circuit breakers for overload relays, buffer liquids in circuit breakers,ammeters for automobiles and airplanes, speedometers, etc. Shockproof absorbs oil. Using this product as a liquid spring has small volume and light weight, and can withstand great impact in a wide temperature range. It can be used as a vibration absorber for aircraft or missile over-dropping gear. Used as a release agent. It is used in plastic molding, rubber processing, metal casting, papermaking, glass products, fiber, food, etc. It has strong mold release, high surface accuracy of the product, and small amount. Non-toxic and other advantages. Generally use a solution or emulsion of this product with a concentration of 0.5-2.5%, which can be used after being coated on the surface of the mold and heat-treated at a temperature slightly higher than the molding processing temperature. Usage: As a defoamer. It is a defoaming agent with a wide range of applications, with strong defoaming power, high temperatureresistance, non-volatile, high chemical stability, and safety. It is used in petroleum, chemical, printing and dyeing, coatings, pharmaceuticals, tanning, etc. As long as the product with 10--100PPM is added, it has a good defoaming effect Use lubricant. It is suitable for the lubrication of rubber, plastic bearings, gears, and the lubrication of machinery and precision instruments under high and low temperature conditions. This product with special additives can also be used as abrasion resistant and extreme pressure resistant lubricants. As a surface treatment agent. Use about 10% of this product solution or emulsion to coat glass, ceramics, and metal surfaces.After heat treatment at 150-300 潞C, a layer of waterproof, mildew-proof and insulating thin mold can be formed. It can also beused for waterproofing of paper, leather, building materials and fabrics. As an additive. Adding a small amount of this product to paint, rubber, paraffin, resin and other materials can significantly improve the water resistance, brightness, oxidation resistance and processing performance of these materials. For example, adding a small amount of this product to the paint can prevent the paint from floating. Color, no wrinkle, improve the brightness of the paint mold. Other uses. This product can also be used as high temperature bath and heat carrier, heat exchange system of precision instruments and meters, used as anti-printing agent for dry copiers and manufacturing various glazing agents. Using this product to treat the anti-wire head can eliminate static electricity and improve the quality of spinning. Adding this product to cosmetics can improve skin care and moisturizing effects and so on. Usage:For use as release/lubricant Emulsion may be applied in a diluted form by the conventional methods of spraying, dipping, wiping or brushing. Low hardness water should be used for dilution. A typical dilution is Silway 5260 Emulsion 1:20 with water (by weight) but the user should determine the best concentration and application method on a small scale before production. For use as fabric finish agent Emulsion can be applied to fabric by padding. The amount of emulsion required will depend on the fabric constructions and type of fabric used (natural, synthetic). Generally, between 6 g/1 and 25 g/1 bath concentration is recommended. Packing 200L drum or 1000L IBC drumSilicone Oil suppliers website:http://www.lyringroup.com/silicone/silicone-oil/