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Tianlu Paid

1 year ago Bangladeshi educational institutions Saguenay   216 views

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Location: Saguenay
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Just did not think this Bai Yutang mind is different from others, Zhanzhao this head said, his idea actually early turns to elsewhere. Then he raised his glass and said, "Cat, I promise you that you will do the crowning ceremony well tomorrow, but you have to do one thing for me." Hearing this, Zhanzhao laughed for a while. This crowning ceremony is a big event for you, Bai Yutang, but you want benefits from me. How do you calculate it. But he also knew Bai Yutang's temperament. If he didn't answer him, he was afraid that there would be something wrong with him tomorrow. Besides, he also knew that he would never do anything harmful to himself. He nodded and said, "I don't know what Yutang is going to do." Bai Yutang raised his glass to his lips and said with a smile, "You'll know tomorrow night." On the second day, all the people on the island looked at Bai Yutang with a surprised look on their faces. They followed the etiquette step by step and did everything just right. Finally, a bunch of hair, a towel to wear, although a little less natural and unrestrained than when the hair, but more set off the face of the facial features clear, Fengshen such as jade. That night, when Zhanzhao returned to the room, Narrow aisle rack , he saw that Bai Yutang had already prepared wine and a few side dishes waiting for him, and the towel of the hair had already been pulled and thrown aside, not only sniggering that the mouse could not change his temper. After drinking a few cups, Zhanzhao remembered what he had done yesterday. but I don't want to spend my time guessing. If you hold me today, I will take you as my answer. No matter how hard it is in the future, I will bear half of it for you, but you are not allowed to think any more. At this point, Zhanzhao sighed and clasped his hands in front of his chest. "Since you know me, how can you not know what I'm worrying about?". But you are right, life is 100 years old, no matter whether I regret it or not in the future, I don't want to miss you after all. As soon as the voice fell, the clasped hands tightened, and behind the ears was a low cry of ecstasy. Zhanzhao could not help but moisten his eyebrows and laugh. It was so easy to say the words in his heart. From then on, the man behind him should follow him all over the world and never abandon him. Think of it as a gift for his twentieth birthday. omracking.com