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Water Based Polymer price Paid

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Water Based Polymer price Water based polymer varnish is a method of preparing water-based emulsion, which includes adding the first monomer feed to the reaction container in the presence of the first initiator and water to form an acid functional polymer. Neutralizing the acid functional polymer to form a particulate polymer; And adding a second monomer feed to the reaction vessel in the presence of a second initiator to form an agglomerated polymer; The method is one pot method The first monomer feed comprises (meth) acrylate monomer, (meth) acrylic monomer and styrene monomer; The second monomer feed comprises a hydrophobic monomer; The water-based emulsion contains polymers that are agglomerated. The agglomerated polymer comprises a granular polymer; And the agglomerated polymer has an aggregated small drupe shape The agglomerated polymer can be used in highly opaque emulsion. Emulsion polymers are obtained by emulsion polymerization or emulsion copolymerization. Polymer particles are dispersed in disperse medium under the action of emulsifier. According to the classification of disperse medium, polymer particles can be divided into two kinds: water base and oil base. The outstanding advantage of water-based emulsion polymer is that it has no pollution to the environment. It can be used as adhesive, paint and coating, and can be used in textile, papermaking and construction industries. In emulsion polymerization, initiator and emulsifier are added to the dispersion monomer in water, and the polymerization method is vigorously stirred. The polymerization method is fast and easy to obtain polymer with high degree of polymerization, that is, emulsion polymer. Polymer particles are much smaller than suspension polymerization and can produce stable emulsion. Water based polymer varnish - Characteristics (1) Emulsion polymers are dispersed in water, volatile organic compounds are low, non-toxic, safe and free from fire hazards. (2) The molecular weight of emulsion polymer is relatively high, and the relative molecular mass can reach more than 105. However, the molecular weight is not related to viscosity. It has high film strength after film formation. (3) The viscosity of the system is low, which can be pumped by pipeline in production, so as to improve the efficiency of latex coating processing and preparation. (4) There is a special film forming mechanism. Emulsion is a water dispersive system. Its film formation is different from the homogeneous organic polymer solution system. It is a process of fusion with the evaporation of water through the compression deformation of particles, so it has certain permeability. (5) The composition of emulsion polymer contains emulsifier, initiator, buffer and other small molecule compounds. It is easy to dissolve in water, and has an effect on the water resistance and alkali resistance of the film prepared by coating. This cannot be ignored in the selection of polymers. Water based white varnish takes water as the dispersion medium. It can be diluted with water during the printing process. The equipment can be cleaned with water. It will not produce harmful gases containing aromatic hydrocarbons. It is not easy to burn and explode. It is very safe in production and storage. Solvent based varnish can be divided into aromatics and alcohols. Aromatic varnish contains a lot of benzene harmful substances, which will seriously damage the health of operators and pollute the environment in the printing process, and it is flammable and explosive; Alcohol varnish has relatively low toxicity, but it also has the problem of flammability and explosion, and the safety problem in the production process is more prominent.Water Based Polymer price website:http://www.kageminks.com/water-based-polymer/