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Xuan yuan Jue Unpaid

1 year ago Introduction of prominent Bangladeshi people Baie-Comeau   157 views
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Location: Baie-Comeau

"My life is over!" Cried the broken wind. He never thought that his first shot after a hundred years, so defeated, even lost his life, this is indeed a kind of sadness, but also died in the hands of a girl, he is not reconciled! But what if he is not reconciled? Fate itself is a joke, life is tenacious, but also fragile, which is a kind of sadness that fate endows human beings. Bang.. The edge of the pink palm was not cut in the wind, but on an arm, which was not like an arm, because the arm was covered with a heavy layer of armor. Pink was taken aback, and her figure was shaken back three steps before she gained a firm foothold. Looking up, she gasped, only to see two more strange men in armor in front of her, like two huge iron armor pangolins. Boom.. Tong's body crashed into it at a high speed, and the two strange men separated it and went out to meet it, and without any trick, they punched Tong. The armored monster retreated seven feet with a muffled hum and dragged out two deep snow troughs in the snow. Tong was also shocked to take a small step back. Pangu Zhigao, Pangu Zhijian! The sword slave couldn't help exclaiming, and he suddenly remembered the two armor monsters beside Chiyou. The eyes of the two armor monsters swept over the sword slave,x60 line pipe, grabbed the broken wind and flew down the hill. Want to go? It's not that easy! The swallow snorted coldly, and the Kunwu sword shot out! Pangu Zhigao and Pangu Zhijian suddenly appeared, but also saved the broken wind, how can this not make her angry? However, these two armor strange men seem to be extremely clumsy, but the speed of action, but it is amazing, is its oncoming force,uns s32750 sheet, it is also hard to imagine, or all the attention just now focused on Xuanyuan and broken wind, while ignoring the Pangu Zhijian brothers who rushed down from the top of the mountain. Pangu Zhi snorted coldly, and the strange golden fork in his hand came out upside down, accurately intercepting Yan's Kunwu sword with a very abstruse arc. Ding.. With a very clear sound, the swallow's body shook and fell back five feet like an electric shock before standing firm, while Pangu Zhijian had already escaped to one side of the mountain with a broken wind. Tong wants to block, Pangu Zhigao's golden fork has become an illusory fork shadow, blocking the way of Tong heavily, powerful and incomparable momentum like a closed net, impacting Tong with the pressure of Mount Tai. He was taken aback. Pangu Zhigao's skill and martial arts had indeed reached the point where both gods and ghosts were frightened. Although it did not pose a great threat to him, it made him unable to stop and avoid. Boom.. Tong and Pangu Zhigao once again had a fight without any tricks. Pangu Zhigao fell out with a snort, and his body glided down the hill like a meteor. Ding.. Pangu Zhigao had not yet touched the ground, and Yan's flying sword had already pierced his shoulder rib. Yan will never miss any chance to hit his opponent hard! Pangu Zhi Gao Gang fought with Tong, a333 grade 6 pipe ,316 stainless steel plate, and he was unable to defend Yan's invincible sword. He thought his armor was invulnerable, so he didn't care too much, but what Yan used was Kunwu Shenfeng, which could be inserted straight into his body. So he ran away with a wail. Yan took back Kunwu sword, but did not dare to chase far, she did not know how Xuanyuan's injury. Tong seemed to be extremely angry, and he was the only one who ran after the Pangu brothers at a high speed.  Tao Ying asked worriedly. Qi Fu took a deep breath and said, "He's badly hurt. Although his life is fine, I'm afraid he can't ride any more along the way,x60 line pipe, let alone make a move." "Ah.." Everyone was taken aback. Xuanyuan's meridians are all damaged. We must get to Kongtong as soon as possible. Qi Fu said in a deep voice. Can it be repaired? Yan is also anxious. Qi Fu glanced at the crowd and saw that they were all looking forward to it. He sighed in his heart and said, "Yes, it can be repaired." lksteelpipe.com